The Real Answer For Sexual Sin

Any strategy to fight off sexual sin that leaves out the joy of the Lord is destined to fail. Having protection in place to prevent the ease of compromise is a wise thing, but the only real answer for sexual temptation is to overwhelm it with a passion for God. And a passion for God can be cultivated with a few critical things:

1. Heathy sexuality begins with a humbling of our humanity. Seeing our need for God is where the power for overcoming any earthly temptation resides. 

2. Joy found in God is the enemy of compromise. Sexual purity in the fruit of a relationship with God that is flooded with joy.

3. Saturation of the mind and soul with God's word and truth is the fuel of joy. The more we're filled with truth, the less we'll feel the need to satisfy our soul with lies.

Defensive movements are a good thing for sexual sin. But going on offense and finding our joy in God is the strongest move that we can make.

(Please check out this John Piper Montage)