The Essential Conversation

Prayer is such a beautiful gift and evidence of God's genuine love for his greatest creations. That God would give us speech to share our fears, dreams, and questions with him is amazing. And the promises of God to get us aligned with our deepest desires as we delight in him is almost unbelievable.

Isn't that the tactic of evil? To plant such doubts in our minds about God's true intentions that we neglect the simplest and sweetest conversations?

Isn't it the moments of utter silence after a prayer from our heart that deludes us to question whether God could possibly care? And aren't the daily conversations we have forgotten that we had with others, the very thing that causes us to think that God will soon forget our needs?

But our human experiences with conversation should never keep us from a conversation with the one who gave us breath, voice, and language. He spoke the world into orbit. He spoke promises beyond compare. In the presence of God is a steady stream of wisdom and love. God wants to talk with words both spoken and our words responded to...join the conversation.

Ps. 37:4, Gen. 1:3, Is. 65:24

Truth Matters

Satan can be seen every single day and yet he looks nothing like we'd expect. Satan can be heard as well, but there is no spitting and snarling as we've imagined. Satan is too cunning and crafty to come straight at us as we might have thought him to be, that's what makes Satan so scary to so many.

This is one of the most critical and defining truths for understanding the work of God and the work of Satan. The Spirit of God is seen/heard in people who humbly surrender their lives to Jesus and keep in step with the Spirit. In fact, Jesus said that God the Father could be seen clearly in himself. Jesus said, "you do know him, and have seen him." If you want a picture of God, just watch the life of Jesus.

On the other hand, the spirit of Satan can can be seen/heard in people who run counter to the Spirit of God. Even well meaning people, who carry a personal agenda that may not be God's, can fall under the influence of Satan. 

Jesus said, "get behind me, Satan" when Peter had a different agenda for the Christ's work than that of God the Father. Now this in no way paves the way for us to ascribe to anyone the name of Satan. But it does raise an important point. Not all counsel is godly, not all words are holy and not all gestures are from above. 

Some of our words/actions are just flesh and reveal the residual effects of our fallenness. But some words/actions can fly in the face of God's glory and his will. This should lead us to do at least two things: 1. Watch what we say. Don't be paranoid but when asked for advice make certain it comports with scriptural truth. 2. Check the counsel/advice/direction you receive against the word of God and gather wise counsel around you to keep life sorted out. Opinions are a dime a dozen. People can get on bandwagons that are going nowhere. Truth Matters!

John 14:7, Matt. 16:23