Tear Off The "Failure" Label

We will experience moments or seasons of failure, but it must never define us. What's so systemic is the number of people who allow failure to paint, with broad strokes, layer after layer of destructive messages. Even in the lives of those who have been redeemed we find that deception can bury the new birth miracle under piles of lies. God's jealous to eradicate lies and set us free, not into perfection, but back onto our feet and onto the path of spiritual adventure. Evil is tough enough to battle on a daily basis, we sure don't need to start each day in a hole. Walking to a spiritual mirror shouldn't shame us as failures. Each glance at ourselves should be a testament to grace of God, love of Jesus and the power of the Spirit to overwhelm our flesh. 

Some are marked at a soul level with the pain of failure through a simple flaw. This flaw results in a tragedy. Failure now defines many while God never intends for us to live with this label. There is an answer and James shoots us straight. "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." Don't let familiarity brush you past a simply amazing truth. We can either live alone with our sin or open up to get free from our sin.

We have two systems to chose from. If we live in a closed system we lack energy from others who love us and we lack input from people who are smarter than us or who have walked the path of failure before us. Sin will happen. But if we live in a closed system we will die in that system. Without the input from others we miss the wisdom we need and the loving energy we must have to get free. But if we open up to trustworthy people who aren't in competition with us and they truly desire us to win, we have radical hope for tomorrow. Confession to God and man snaps the back of evil and opens a portal to spiritual fresh air, energy and God's mercy. Giving someone an opening who loves us, is the best way to get deliverance from a spirit of failure. 

Don't live another day with failure as a label. Give an opening to God and others who believe God for great things in your life. If you don't have those people yet, wait on God and ask him for just one, they will soon come. This is the best way to get new definition in your soul and for your future. Tomorrow looks great!

James 5:16

Insecure no more...

Insecurity revolves around a sense of worth or the lack thereof. The more worthless we feel, the more we crawl in a hole and begin to die. Abuse is a present danger for all of us. Whether we take direct hits from someone we once called a "friend", our life is desecrated by someone we trusted, or even if we're getting hammered from phantom spiritual enemies, the realness of being beat down can leave us feeling worthless. The answer for insecurity is more that just truth, it involves God revealing our unique purpose.

What God says about us matters. Insecurity is nothing more than temporary insanity. The crazy thoughts that roll through our mind can be remedied. We don't have to live beaten down. Our destiny is not to survive on spiritual crumbs while others seemingly feast at the table of God. You have a place at the table and it's high time you find it.

Many of us have forgotten just how creative our designer really is and how uniquely we've been designed. Here's a scripture that reveals plans have been in motion, for each of us, a very long time. "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." There it is. You were created "for". There's a sense in which this has a powerful double meaning. You are created in the womb as an image bearer of God. You are uniquely designed to reflect God to the world. The mirror may seem fogged but God's plan was clear from the beginning. But even more is now in play. When we surrender to Christ's leadership of our lives, we become "new creations". What a powerful double meaning. We were designed as image bearers and Christ has made us brand new. This makes us an indispensable tool in God's mission to redeem the world. 

We have one clear takeaway. Insecurity cannot survive if we bring, fully to mind, that we are uniquely designed. We can't die when we realize that God designed us to be fully alive. But the battle for the mind is brutal. There are two practices that can help us break out of a slump of insecurity and do a "180 Now". First, rehearse the truth and burn the lies. Make a list with biblical truth and make a list with satanic lies. Burn the former into our brain over time. Burn the latter and give it no more time. Second, find people who believe God is good and that what he made in you is all that and more. This may require walking away from supposed friends and finding true friends. And race others to the punch of affirmation. God has a purpose that is so intentional, there's no time for us to stuck with insecurity.

Ephesians 2:10