I've never met an honest person who didn't feel like a total loser at some point in life – I sure have. Some have even wondered if our desire for winning is misguided because we tend to fail so often. And there's a real nasty rumor that Christians should "get saved", "be good", but not expect too much from life.

Well here's some good news...God wants you to get some wins under your belt. There is a powerful word in the New Testament: κερδαίνω - kerdaínō [ker-dah'-ee-no] – it's best translated win/gain. These stories show 8 ways God calls you to be a winner.

2018 might be your most pivotal and transformational year yet. I'll be posting Vlog's in 2018 that capture the essence of our Sunday messages. Join us this Sunday at 180 Chicago and hear how God invites you to be a winner!